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Lex Valk’s Clinics

I am available to do clinics on a variety of topics, as listed below.

1. Commercial Music Curricula
Starting commercial music curricula at your school

2. String and Electric Bass Teaching
Teaching bass at all levels. Includes discussions of materials, technique, learning levels, teaching notation, improvisation, etc.

3. Preparing for Bass Orchestra Auditions
How to prepare for orchestra auditions: materials, style and techniques.

4. Building a College Jazz Program
Recruitment, degree plans, festivals.

5. Popular Music Classes
Starting, teaching, getting General Studies credit for classes in jazz and rock music.

6. Starting a Non-Profit Society
How to start a 501c3.

My experience involves a variety of levels, from junior high through college, from community college to four-year schools. For a sample outline of some of these clinics, click on the linked files listed below.

1. Commus (Commercial Music Curricula)

2. Popular Music Classes

I appreciate your feedback. Email me at [email protected].