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Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Asturian Nights is the title song of the Green Planet album Noches Asturianas. Asturian Nights evokes the sounds of Spain with its modal melody.

2. Quiero is a latin pop ballad with words by Susan Trimmer, vocal by Lourdes Jimenez and latin pop orchestration by Anibal Ambert.

3. Sophia’s Theme evokes memories of romantic movie themes by Mancini with its piano and strings arrangement and relaxed latin feel.

4. Island Sketches is an instrumental portrait of Caribbean life, played in rock/reggae style.

5. Andean Song combines classical harmonies, Andean flute, and jazz orchestration in its simple but evocative melody.

6. Desert Images uses New Age sensibilities to describe the vast openness of the desert.

All songs are copyright Alexis Valk. Lyrics for Quiero are copyright Susan Trimmer. All rights reserved.

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